• Elke Jeurissen

Perfect weather to check out podcasts about diversity

Keeping it cool at work or fully enjoying the sun outside?

To be honest, I do both, working from my terrace (in the shade).

Summer for me is a time to sit back and take some time to rest and reload on energy.

It is also a time to learn. This August, I am checking out a list of interesting podcasts on diversity.

Just plug in your headphones, find a spot in the sun (or shade) and start learning here

Many of these podcasts include examples of companies sharing how they handle diversity and inclusion in the workplace. On this journey, learning from other leaders that are actually doing it, is essential. These lessons learned are the fundamentals in my strategy journey built around 5 drivers for an inclusive workspace.

If you know any #podcasts that are missing on the list, I would be grateful if you shared them with me so we can all continue learning. In the meantime, enjoy the sunny days,

Elke Jeurissen

Inclusive Leadership Expert

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P.S. Check out the latest video interviews with leaders on how they create inclusive company cultures from, Waters Corporation and Minor Ndako in my Inclusive Leaders Connect series here.


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