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Make your team inclusive in 4 weeks

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Hi there,

How are you doing today?

Getting used to working from home? Juggling your work as a team leader, keeping everyone motivated and taking some time for your family?

How is your team doing? Can they handle the mix of work and life, that are now merged for most of us by a virus that took all of us by surprise. It's not easy to stay connected, even if technology allows us to have virtual meetings, Zoom calls, Google hangouts and so on.

Human connection is about emotional connection.

It's about putting ourselves in the hearts and minds of others.

Creating an inclusive culture at work is essentially about that.

Making sure everyone feels they belong. So they can develop their full potential.

What about your team? Is it inclusive? Do you create an environment where diverse talents can flourish? You can assume a lot of things. But you can't really be sure until you ask them. Take the necessary step to talk to each other about the blocking and accelerating factors people run into when they try to grow.

Are you a People Manager that wants to work on an inclusive team spirit? I developed a unique online program to support you in that journey. It can be applied in any team, in any organization. All you need is the will to fully develop all talents in your team.

Make May your Inclusive Culture Month

Bring your team to the next inclusive leadership level with our unique approach.

This May, in only 4 weeks, you can engage all your team members to actively create that inclusive team spirit you want. Learn from diversity & inclusion practices that actually work and put them to practice in your team.

How it works

We start on Monday May 4th 2020.

Your team members can join from any place and any device.

If you want an alternative start date, just get in touch.


Gather intelligence about the culture in your team through our unique online scan, to be taken by all team members between May 4th-8th. They can do this whenever they want, from any device. It's a fully automated process.


What works and what does not? Insights into our "5 drivers for inclusive leadership" model explained by Elke Jeurissen in a 1hour video. All team members are asked to view it between May11th-15th . They can join from any device. This is also a fully automated process.


Interactive online session (3 hours) with all members of your team, facilitated by Elke Jeurissen. We get together in our online ZoomRoom for a workshop focused on interaction between all team members. Based on the results of the survey in week 1, and on an intake call with the team leader, this session is tailored to your current team needs. Exact timing to be set by your team leader in the week of May 18th-22nd.


Interactive online session (2hours) with all members of your team, facilitated by Elke Jeurissen in week 4. Based on the areas of improvement identified in week 3, we get together in our online Zoomroom and your team members qualify and select the best tactics for your team. Exact timing to be set by your team leader in the week of May 25th-29th.


In the week following your 4 weeks series, I will summarize the key take aways of your journey. They will be delivered to all team members printed in poster & flyer format mid June. You are now ready to implement them every single day.

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions?

Just give me a call or WhatsApp on +32.476.505454 or chat with me live.

Elke Jeurissen, Inclusive Leadership Expert

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