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Consulting firm delaware combines bottom up engagement AND leadership commitment

At delaware, a growing IT consulting firm, all 25 partner are white men. It is something we see a lot in technology environments and in partner structures such as consulting or law firms.

As an innovator, they want to change the numbers and actively work on more diversity and inclusion in the coming years. In the fall of 2019, we started a strategy journey to turn this active leadership commitment into action. We conducted an internal diversity & inclusion scan, followed by several co-creation sessions to develop a tactical plan that suits delaware.

Patrick Andersen, co-founder and Managing Partner shares a few insights into the journey so far in a video interview for my series Inclusive Leaders Connect here.

Some key takeaways from the interview

📍 We could not imagine to be other than inclusive in our company. But the reality is that we have 25 white, male partners. That triggered us in looking for the blind spots and actively start with a journey for change.

📍 Throughout the journey over the past months, working with team members and leaders across the organisation, I realised that bottom up initiatives are not sufficient. If you really want more diversity, you need to commit at the top level as well.

📍 The fact that we have a partner owned structure allows us to be agile and drive change quickly. We started this journey in October and over the past months, delaware team members developed a tactical plan towards a more inclusive culture. We are ready to start execution soon.

📍 Our consultants normally work at our customers' office. Of course we reacted to covid-19 with respect for our clients needs and our people. Since end March, we offered them extreme flexibility to work where they wanted. Most of them liked it, but we noticed that the youngest generation missed social contact in the office and is happy to return. Homeworking is not the preferred modus for everyone. Yet another form of diversity.


Are you ready to take the lead and be a more inclusive leader?

The key is to see the blind spots in your company culture and to tur blockers into accelerators. Everyone can be a change maker. All you have to do is take the next step.

I am happy to guide you in your journey and share what really works. Raise awareness about the business case for more diversity and book a keynote. Stimulate real discussions and take a closer look at your company culture and book our management dialogue for your next offsite. Identify how inclusive you really are and what your next steps might be with our D&I scan built around 5 drivers for more inclusion in the workplace. Co-create tactics that suit your business priorities and ask us about our strategy journey. Develop the full potential of diverse talent and learn your managers to be more inclusive with our skills trainings, online and offline.

Give me a call to learn more over a coffee or tea.

Talk to you soon,

Elke Jeurissen


P.S.: Discover other inspiration to support your journey to a more inclusive workplace here.

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