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50 cognitive biases - what's yours?

We all have blind spots in the way we think and act at work.

Making decisions, recruiting people, hearing challenging voices in a meeting, promoting diverse talent, etc. Because we tend to take our own career path, education, background, network, knowledge and experience as the norm. How to change that non-inclusive behaviour is the main goal of my new online training.

I came across this wonderful infographic by Visual Capitalist illustrating 50 cognitive biases.

Have a look and let me know what boxes you tick? I checked 'anchoring', especially for shoes and dresses , but also when I see an online offer for a great conference or training. You are not the norm. And unconscious bias training works on some of these biases and helps you see that. But it's not enough to change your company culture and make it inclusive for diverse talents to fully thrive and develop their full potential. More and more academic research shows that this type of training doesn't work, especially if it's your main tactic. It should be supported by an inclusive culture approach that changes attitude, behaviour & processes. That's exactly what we work on in my new online training 'Every Day Inclusive Culture'. Join my next free webinar on August 25th and I will tell you all about how it works, who should be invited and what it will deliver in your team. Just register via this link.

Can't wait for so long? Give me a call or drop me a message.

Have a wonderful week,

Elke +32.476.505454

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