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NEW KEYNOTE * Polarisation or connection: you decide

How can we move beyond what divides us and rediscover what connects us as humans? That's the true secret to inclusion, at the kitchen table, in the workplace and in society.

Keynote Outline

This world is full of polarisation. Ongoing geopolitical conflicts, important elections across the globe, top down leaders taking the front in more than one country ...

This world is full of connection. There are over 1 million volunteers in Belgium, companies working on more inclusive workplaces, youngsters driving societal change, managers moving towards a shared leadership style ...   

Both statements are true.

The question is: what do you focus on? You have to make a conscious choice every day. Will you focus on polarisation or focus on reconnecting with other people? A very relevant discussion to have if you want to create an inclusive work environment.

Key take aways

In this talk, Inclusive Leadership Expert Elke Jeurissen shares loads of hands-on ideas to broaden our minds and reconnect with people that might be very different from us. As teams grow more diverse, you will need to learn the skills to make diversity works.

Elke seemlessly connects anecdotes from the professional and private sphere. After all, finding common ground and learning to grow together, is ultimately about daily behaviour. It's true for a sports team, for a family, for a group of colleagues, for an entire organisation and for society as a whole. You'll go home with 10 essential tips for more connection.

This talk is based on the insights from her 25 years career working for over 100 companies in the public and private sector, her experience as a mum of 5 in a blended family and her interviews for her Dutch podcast Bindstof.

Book a call for more details about this keynote, available in English, French and Dutch here

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