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KEYNOTE * You are not the norm

Super diversity is the norm in society, but that's not the case in companies. As teams become more diverse, the challenge is to make it work by focusing on everyday inclusive behaviour.

Keynote Outline

Working in copycat teams is easy. Everyone has a similar style, background, way of doing things. Working in diverse teams takes more time and effort. The first thing you need to realize is that you are not the norm. We all have different blockers and accelerators in our careers. And we all have a role to play.

An inclusive workplace helps all team members to become good allies, that help each other develop their full potential. This talk addresses how all team members can embrace that shared responsibility. We all have blind spots regarding our privileges, as well as obstacles and catalysts in our professional journeys.

Key Take Aways

Throughout this talk, you will discover how to adopt a more proactive role in cultivating a daily inclusive environment, both as a leader and as a colleague. Explore the mechanisms of behavioral change and understand the significance of internal and external triggers. Real-life examples of common, perplexing situations and effective strategies for managing them will be provided.

It's essential to understand that inclusivity is not about determining right or wrong; rather, it's about fostering an environment towards a more inclusive workplace where all talents can thrive.

Book a call for more details about this keynote, available in English, Dutch and French here

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