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DIALOGUE * The journey to inclusive leadership

Why diversity is not a problem, but a growth opportunity for your organization. Discover 5 drivers for truly inclusive company cultures.

Keynote Outline

Learn why diversity is not a problem, but a growth opportunity for your organization. In this talk, Elke shares stories about organizations making it happen.

She shares inspiration, learnings and many best practices from other companies that have evolved towards an inclusive culture, with diversity at all levels.

As part of het INSEAD year on diversity and inclusion, Elke developed a model based on 5 drivers for inclusive company cultures. You will learn about the 5 drivers, will discover 30 + best practices and will get an idea on what your company is already doing right and where there's room for improvement. In other words, you will find out what your possible best next steps are.


This talk can be set up as a keynote of 45 minutes plus Q&A.

It can also be set up as an interactive workshop, adding open dialogies with participants to the agenda to identify the blockers and accelerators for more diversity and inclusion in your company.

Key take aways

Elke creates awareness amongst leaders & managers on WHY developing a more inclusive culture is a growth opportunity for the company. And that they all have an active role to play. They discover how THEY can make a difference by taking action as an individual and as a leader.

Book a call for more details about this keynote, available in English, Dutch and French here

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