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    Do you breathe leadership and do you want to stay first in class?

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    Have you always been a great leader and are you curious about inclusive leadership?

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    Would you like to know exactly where your company stands on inclusive leadership and culture?

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    Strong desire to give an immediate diversity injection into your entire company?

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    People driven business? Do you still attract and develop the best talent?

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    Is it getting more difficult to connect with your diverse target audience?

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    Are you already an inclusive leader, and do you have a hard time engaging colleagues?

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    Do you get the best out of your young professionals, millennials & babyboomers?

Elke Jeurissen

first class inclusive leaders & company culture

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About me

I believe that a diverse, inclusive professional world stimulates innovation, performance, personal growth and talent. I breathe this every day. I embrace all initiatives - academic, political, economic, media and social - that serve my purpose. 


One of the keys to success is leadership and developing an inclusive corporate culture.

Given my strategic and hands on expertise, I like to contribute by engaging with leaders in all disciplines who share the same ambition, continue to question themselves - like me - are fascinated by the power of diversity in all its aspects and want to move the business world forward with me. Every day a diverse step forward, together. 

​I can help you with keynotes, workshops, strategy journeys & communities.

My solutions for inclusive leadership are based on best practices around the globe and the real life experience of hundreds of leaders. I never stop learning. Recently I succeeded the INSEAD Gender Diversity ProgramI am co-author of the book 'Who run the world, the power of female leadership' and frequently share my expertise in different media. Women develop their full potential in my Fierce Ladies TribeI am Co-Founder of 72Hours Reload, unique experiences & encounters & Founder of the Straffe Madammen network. Throughout my professional career in stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, public relations and public affairs, I had the pleasure to work with many leaders in the political, media, academic and business arena. I shared my vision on more than 100 conference stages. 

Get in touch on welcome@elkejeurissen.com or give me a call on +32.476.505454.


“Diversity is not something you can check off your list and call it done. Whether you are just beginning your cultural shift or feel you have truly embraced inclusion in your workplace,

Elke’s Diversity Deep Dive gives leaders a roadmap for long-term success,

providing actionable strategies and tactics to maintain positive progress.”

Ilse Vermeersch, COO, Customs4trade


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