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How do you turn blockers

into accelerators for diverse talent

in your company?

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In need of a crash course about inclusive culture?
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The Inclusion Dance

Three steps in your journey to an inclusive company culture

  • ​Keynotes (English, Dutch, French)

    • You are not the norm

    • How to be an inclusive leader

    • Don't fix the women, fix the culture

  • Inclusive Leadership workshop 

  • Media articles and books (Vreemdgaan voor managers, Who run the world, Brieven aan ondernemers)

  • Inclusive culture scan: identify your areas of improvement

  • Inclusive culture roadmap for change: co-create your best next steps

  • Every day inclusive culture charter/toolkit

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     Happy Clients
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Josephine Delmote, Strategy Analyst

Elke supported us at the start of our diversity, equity and inclusion journey at ELIA GROUP. Her methodology gave us the right direction to put the topic on our business agenda. Based on her expertise, she could challenge our top management in order to come to tangible solutions. She is highly skilled to connect with all types of people in the organization, creating a safe environment to let them speak about personal and sometimes emotional topics.

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Ilse Vermeersch, COO


“Diversity is not something you can check off your list and call it done. Whether you are just beginning your cultural shift or feel you have truly embraced inclusion in your workplace, Elke’s Diversity Deep Dive gives leaders a roadmap for long-term success, providing actionable strategies and tactics to maintain positive progress.”


Caroline Hillaert, Senior Manager

Thank you coach Elke Jeurissen 👍 for helping us develop a balanced diversity plan. Thanks also to the #peopleofdelaware who took part in the diversity & inclusion workshop yesterday 🤝 . Great energy & commitment. Let's continue to build (and roll out) our plan together!

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News & Inspiration

Latest news and inspiration about the journey to an inclusive company culture