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Do you see the red flag in your company?

Let me tell you about a conversation I have nearly every week.

'You know what Elke, I have very talented people in my team. I really try to support them in their career. I actively push them to go for promotions. But they just don't want to take on the next leadership level. What else can I do?'

Does this sound familiar? Managers tell me that very talented members in their team are just not interested in developing their career. My reaction is always the same: have you ever wondered WHY?

This is a RED FLAG to check your company culture. Check out if these other common red flags apply to your company:

📍Your leadership might be a team of copycats, not really open to diversity. Why would you want to be part of that if you are different and feel like you don't belong there?

📍The idea of the best leader in your company might be that of the best expert in town? If it is, you are missing a lot of great talent!

📍Team members from minority groups leave the company more often.

📍 Your company tends to favour extraverted, loud people that are good at networking and taking credit for their achievements. Did you know 1 in 3 people is introverted? There is no reason to think they have less leadership potential.

📍You might still have a top down leadership culture where being seen as always in control is a sign of strength? Futureproof leadership is shared leadership, where being the best connector of different insights is key. That means less talking and more listening to what others can bring to the table.

Complex challenges demand different viewpoints. How can you bring that diversity of expertise, age, gender, background and character to the decision table in your organisation? I can help you find the answer to that question. Together, we develop the strategy to make your company culture inclusive, all the way up to the highest level. Based on how other companies do it, in co-creation with your team. Find out more about my 3 step process at my next free webinar here.

Inclusive leaders know that empowering talent is not enough and also look at processes, behaviour and culture. They are not afraid of seeing the blind spots and turning blockers into accelerators. They are accountable, as I wrote in this article.

Take the next step. Start today. Check out my 3 step process for really inclusive workplaces here. Together, we can make a real difference.

Elke Jeurissen

Inclusive Leadership Expert


P.S.: Discover other inspiration to support your journey to a more inclusive workplace here.

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