Will your people stay on board now they get back to the office?

There it is, the last month before the summer holidays is here.

Your team members might be coming to the office again for the first time this June. What will that be like? Will everyone feel comfortable? Will your company culture still be the same? Will some people feel like they no longer belong? I read 1 in 3 is considering a job switch. That's huge! People who feel like they belong do not leave. People who can develop their full potential do not leave. Will you be in the driver seat and guide your organisation to an inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong? I challenge you to look at the leadership culture in your organisation. An inclusive leader is someone who makes diversity work. In my work with companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, technology, energy, insurance and financial sector over the past year, I have met several inclusive leaders. Their view on leadership can be summed up into 4 key drivers: 🔆 the boss = the best people manager & connector 🔆 the team = a diverse mix of gender, age, expertise and Insights profiles 🔆 actively challenge peers is the norm and leads to the best decisions 🔆 driven by opportunities and co-creating solutions So how many boxes do you tick? And what about the other leaders in your organisation? To create that inclusive culture, you need more inclusive leaders. And you need to know what part of your culture is inclusive and what is not. That's exactly what I do in conducing a diversity & inclusion scan. Find out how it works in this article.

Or join my next free webinar on August 25th at 9 am CET. Just register via this link. Let's talk about your journey to a more inclusive culture. You do want to make sure all your talents stay on board and can fully thrive, don't you? Have a wonderful day, Elke +32.476.505454

P.S. Do you see any red flags for non-inclusion in your organisation? Find out more here

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